Powerful Minecraft APIs

A collection of helpful tools to use with your minecraft server.

Read the documentation to see how it works. It's easy!

What is this?

MineTools offers you lots of different endpoints to get information about minecraft servers or users. You can use these information on your minecraft server or website.

Here is a quick overview of the currently supported APIs:

Endpoint Description
Ping Get basic information from a server
Query Get more detailed information from a server
Favicon Get the favicon from a server
UUID Get the UUID or name from a minecraft user
Profile Get the mojang profile from a minecraft user

Every endpoint except Favicon supports the JSON response type.

What about Mojang rate limits?

Because we use several different mojang proxy-backends, we are able to serve lots of requests hitting the uuid and profile endpoint.

We also cache the results coming from mojang so there will never be the same request going to mojang twice in a short time.

What about caching?

MineTools caches the response it sends to you. If you send the same request to an endpoint again in a short time and it has the response cached, you will be able get the response a lot faster this time.

The response contains information about the current cache times.


Of course, MineTools supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. That means you can make AJAX requests to all API endpoints from every website you want.